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Joint Master's Degree Program in Intellectual Property and New Technologies: application process

Separate registrations for the WIPO scholarship and the IPNT Programme

If you wish to apply for the WIPO scholarship and have already registered at the WIPO Academy web-page, please note, that you must also undergo the Jagiellonian University registration according to the scheme described below. Failure to register this way will make it impossible to enroll you for the Programme!

The general timeline

The admission process for the IPNT Programme is performed in two rounds. Both rounds cover a few stages. You may apply in each of these rounds, but the second round may be shortened if the limit of accepted candidates is met.

STAGE 1 (Round 1 until 26 June, Round 2 until 4 September)

STAGE 2 (Round 1 until 3 July; Round 2 until 11 September)

Interviews with the candidates

STAGE 3 (Round 1 until 5 July; Round 2 until 13 September)

Results announced

STAGE 4 (Round 1 16 February-26 July; Round 2 12 July-25 September)


STAGE 5 (Round 1 26 September; Round 2 26 September)

The final deadline for submitting: apostille (legalisation), proof of insurance, and hard copies of the documents

Specific information

Creating an account in the University Admission System – IRK system

Please follow all the instructions of the IRK system. Be careful while providing your details and the details of the required documents, and make sure that they are accurate, because the data that you enter here will be migrated into the official University systems.

Uploading the documents

All the documents that you upload and bring/send to the office must be in Polish or in English. The documents in other languages must be translated into Polish by a sworn translator (please consult the list of Polish sworn translators).


Please upload one diploma entitling you to apply for the Master Degree Programme. This may be a bachelor diploma or another Master diploma. If you have both, please chose the Master diploma. If the diploma was issued in other country than Poland, the diploma must be apostilled or legalized (see below).

It is sufficient to submit the diploma without the supplement, unless you are additionally requested to do it (e.g., in the case the diploma itself is not sufficient to confirm the eligibility of the candidate to apply for the Master Degree Programme).

If at the moment of application you have already graduated but your diploma will be issued later, you may provide a provisional certificate instead, precisely indicating that you completed all the formal and merit requirements of the Programme – i.e. you graduated and you are waiting only for the technical printing out for the diploma. At the same time you must provide a hard copy of the original diploma (apostilled or legalized if required) by September 26, 2024 at the latest.


If you have doubts, first check whether the country where the diploma was issued is on the list of members of the Hague Convention of 5 October 1961 Abolishing the Requirement of Legalisation for Foreign Public Documents. If that country is on the list, please check which authority is responsible for issuing the apostille on your diploma. Please note that apostille of the diploma (not the copy of the diploma) is required, which means that the apostille stamp must confirm the powers of the person who signed your diploma (not the powers of the notary certifying the copy).

The apostille is required even if your diploma was issued in an EU country or in the United Kingdom.


If the country where your diploma was issued is not party to the Hague Convention of 5 October 1961, your diploma must be legalized by the Polish Embassy relevant for the region. Usually, prior to legalization by the embassy, the document must be certified additionally by internal country authority (usually the Ministry of Education or its equivalent). You must contact the respective embassy and verify the requirements.

Remember that both the legalization and obtaining an apostille may take a long time. Even if you are entitled for the extension of the term to provide the apostilled/legalized document by September 26, 2024, please take care about these procedures as soon as possible.

Cover letter

Motivation letter should persuade the commission that you are a suitable candidate for the IPNT Programme. Please describe your experience and your plans related to intellectual property and new technologies. The letter may be assessed at max. 50 points - this is the half of points you can obtain for the application.


Your curriculum vitae is supplementary and is not assessed. However, it might useful and should describe more schematically your career path and its (probable) relation to IP.

Applying for the Programme

Please make sure that you clicked the green “Sign up” button here and you see the application for the IPNT programme at My account/Applications.

If you are applying for the WIPO scholarship, please indicate application on the self-financed basis (not NAWA scholarship). If you are given a WIPO scholarship, you will be released from paying the tuition fee, otherwise you may continue on a self-financed basis or resign.

Paying the Application fee.

The payment details and link for quick payment is available at the section “My account/Payments”.

There are no exemptions from paying the application fee. Unpaid applications will be refused because the system automatically will not allow inviting you for the next step, i.e. the interview.

Interviews with the candidates

The candidates who completed all the requirements described above will be invited for an online-interview (at the Webex platform). During the interview the commission will check your level of English (no language certificates are requested) and your IP experience and/or motivation.

Announcement of results

You will receive information about the results in your IRK account usually within one week after the interview, but in any case not later than the deadline set for each round.


Since most of our candidates are from different countries not being able to come to Kraków before September 26, 2024, especially due to the first online semester, we accept the process of the correspondence enrolment.

For this purpose, after the positive results you must prepare the documents and send them only as scans to These must include:

  • a printed, signed and scanned questionnaire generated from your IRK account;
  • a printed, signed and scanned declaration on the later submission of some documents generated from your IRK account (if applicable to your situation). These may be: the apostille, translations or insurance.
  • a copy of your duly legalized/apostilled diploma (which has been uploaded earlier and details of which have been indicated in the questionnaire);
  • a copy of the insurance policy.

Insurance is only required for foreign students. The purpose of the insurance requirement is that in case you have any kind of health problems while staying in Poland, you are entitled to rely on local medical services without having to cover the costs, which may be quite high. Theoretically, you may choose one of two offered options: either the Polish National Health Fund Insurance or private travel insurance (as private insurance companies offer). However, please note that the Insurance of the Polish National Health Fund is available only for those who are already in Poland. There is no possibility to apply for the National Health Fund Insurance while staying abroad. Moreover, please keep in mind that in order to get a visa, you will be asked to provide the Embassy with a all-stay-long insurance. Thus, we advise you to check your visa insurance requirements at the relevant Polish Embassy and purchase insurance covering the term of your planned stay in Poland. Insurance companies may offer an option in which the insurance covers a certain period (for example 365 days) within a longer term (such as a 1,5 year period). In this case, the term of validity of the insurance starts when you cross the border. This "visa" insurance will be sufficient for the sake of enrolment.

  • a copy of the translations of the documents into Polish (if they are not in Polish or in English);
  • a printed, signed and scanned basis of your application generated from your IRK account.

After we receive the necessary documents, you will get confirmation of your enrolment by e-mail with two documents attached:

  • confirmation of enrolment

Please read it carefully and check your details. If everything is correct, print it, sign and scan it. On the second page of the document you will find information about registration at the USOS system, payments for your student ID and payment of the tuition fee (first instalment must be paid within 7 days after the enrolment date!).

If you are applying for WIPO scholarship and you meet the eligibility criteria, please provide the completed petition to the Dean (printed, signed and scanned) to request postponing the payment term until September 26, 2024. Please note that immediately after the results of the WIPO scholarship competition are announced, if you do not get the scholarship but will still be planning to continue the Programme on a self-financed basis, you must pay the tuition fee by September 26, 2024 in order to maintain the status of a student.

If you are a foreigner and you do not have the PESEL number (the ID number you can get after arrival to Poland), it is better for you not pay for the student ID before you receiver this number. After arrival to Kraków and getting the PESEL number, you should come to the Chair (Józefa 19, room 8) with the confirmation of your PESEL number and then pay for the student ID, so that the document contains your PESEL and you may enjoy the mLegitymacja (mobile student ID).

  • payment conditions

This document confirms that you accept the payment conditions of the Programme as approved by the University Authorities. That means that you accept timely payments according to the schedule. Please note that delayed payment may result in accrual of the interests and failure to pay may cause the cancellation of your student’s status. Please read it carefully and verify your details. If everything is correct print it, sign and scan it.

You must send both these documents (confirmation of enrolment and payment conditions) ASAP to After that, you must send hard copies of all the documents mentioned above to the address: Iryna Fesiuk, Intellectual Property and New Technologies Master’s Degree Programme, Józefa 19, room 8, Kraków, 31-056, Poland as soon as possible. The package with documents must contain:

  • the questionnaire generated from your IRK
  • the declaration on the later submission of some documents generated from your IRK (if applicable to your situation)
  • the original of your duly legalized/apostilled diploma
  • the insurance policy
  • the basis of your application generated from your IRK
  • the confirmation of the enrolment
  • the payment conditions
  • the translations of the documents into Polish (if they are not in Polish or in English)
  • the petition to the Dean for postponement of the payment term (if applicable).

If the diploma is requested for visa-application (some embassies request this), we can send it back to you alongside with the visa-supporting documents confirming your student’s status. Otherwise, the hard copy of the diploma may be taken back upon your arrival for the residential phase.

Submitting the apostille (legalisation), proof of insurance, and hard copies of the documents

If any of the documents (apostille, translations or insurance) were not submitted earlier, the deadline is September 26, 2024.

Applying for the WIPO scholarship

The Programme is supported by WIPO, with scholarships awarded to candidates who meet the following requirements:

  • being government officials and others working in the public sector such as universities, academies and research and development institutions; and
  • originating from developing countries, least developed countries (LDCs) or countries in transition

You must apply using the JU Online Application System ( by July 21, 2024 and WIPO Online Application system.

The number of WIPO scholarships is limited. Only candidates meeting all the abovementioned criteria will be confirmed to WIPO Academy as eligible for consideration. The decision about the scholarship is passed by WIPO Academy basing on the University confirmation of the application status. The candidates will be informed about the results of WIPO scholarship awarding directly.

Pliki do pobrania
Form: petition to the Dean to postpone the payment